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Write a Message to Your Favourite Brands: Celebrate 2020 Human Rights Day with Us!

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December 10, 2020

Awareness Raising

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As Christmas approaches, the world is ready for the holiday shopping season. However, have you ever wondered what measures have your favourite brands taken to make sure the products are not tainted by labour exploitation?

Eradicating child labour, trafficking labour and forced labour in supply chains remains one of the toughest global challenges, and you can be part of the effort to create a slavery-free world!

For this year’s Human Rights Day (10th of December), write a message to your favourite brands to let them know that you care, and to ask them how they ensure clean supply chains from human sufferings.

Let the Brands Know

  1. You care about the labour conditions in the products you purchases
  2. You are interested in knowing what the measurements they take to ensure an ethical and responsible supply chain.

We definitely don’t want modern slavery to taint our holiday shopping!


Step One. Select your favourite brands

Step Two. Go to their official website & find their contact email

Step Three. Send them a email with your questions

Step Four. Let us know you are amazing and have taken the action! Tell us through the following link before 23:59 UK time on 23rd December:

Please Remember

– This letter is for you to express your care and to ask your question

– We are NOT accusing any company of any misbehaviour

Feel free to use our email template

Dear Madam / Sir,


I am a student who enjoys back-to-school shopping/ I am a father who is always looking for the best educational toys for my children/ I am a barista who insists on top quality espresso/ I am a shopaholic who never misses a good deal.

I have been purchasing your products for years, and you are one of my favourite brands. To support a slavery-free world, and appropriate working conditions of labours, I want to make sure that the products I purchase are not connected with human sufferings.

Can you tell me what measures are you taking to ensure your supply chains are free from child labour, human trafficking, and forced labours? For example, are there policies in place to handle cases and appeals of human rights violations in your company?

Thank you in advance. I look forward to your response. Happy holidays!