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A Wonderful End to the Fellowship Programme

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January 4, 2021


After an exciting and compacted twelve weeks, our first Fellowship training Programme has come to an end. Read about the first half of this programme at

To support our participants to put their learning into effect, the last two sessions were more on the practical side. We concentrated on how to look for suitable consulting opportunities, as well as being successfully hired as a consultant.

In the fifth session, Mina Chiang, the founder of HRC, shared with us a set of useful tips and guidelines on finding consulting jobs through various websites and professional connections. Participants are encouraged by her to start building their credibility and connections online, and to not be afraid of reaching out and introduce themselves to people in senior roles. Salil Shah, an experienced business growth consultant and labour training provider, gave us an enlightening presentation on career development in consulting. He shed lights on what employers are looking for when hiring a consultant, and what to do to make yourself the right fit of a position in a private sector or an organisation. He thus talked about the challenges and security issues that may arise in consultants’ work, which is particularly helpful as safety should always be prioritised under any circumstances.

The sixth, and also the last session was designed for our participants to shine – here comes the final presentation! Each of them presented a topic around sex trafficking, human trafficking, or forced labour from their country of origin or residence. They have made great uses of their mother tongues and the understanding of their own countries and cultures as we’re highlighting the importance and value of local knowledge, and they’ve shown great results in how much they had learned and grown in these twelve weeks. Some external audiences also dropped in to share their thoughts and reflections on the excellent projects the participants have conducted, drew to a wonderful end of 2020 HRC Fellowship Training programme.

This programme created a space for us, both the participants and the coordinators, to learn from each other, and grow together. Most in-person activities were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re fortunate to be able to gather these young professionals from different parts of Asia and Africa online, and to enjoy twelve amazing weeks with them. Moreover, with an abundance of passion and talent, one of our participants, Deeksha Sharma, is joining us at HRC. We’re genuinely happy to continue working with the participants after the training, getting off to a great start for HRC in 2021.

We’d like to thank all of the participants for being so active and engaging, as well as speakers and audience who have joined us in anyone, or even more than one, of the sessions. This training programme would have been so different without any of you. For future programmes and activities at HRC, please do follow us on our website or our LinkedIn page at

What our participants say:

“Training as a research fellow with Humanity Research Consultancy has constantly urged me to recount my actions towards eliminating Modern Slavery and its worst forms.”

“Being a part of this training has been an absolute delight. I have learnt so much in all these sessions, on modern slavery, supply chains, human rights and of course consulting.”

“The training opened my eyes to new knowledge and experiences from different part of the world. Like how diverse its members are.”