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New Project – Labour Supply Chain Mapping for Plan International SAFE Seas project

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January 23, 2021


HRC will start working with Plan International on the consultancy assignment of “Labour Supply Chain Mapping for Indonesia and Foreign Fishing Vessels”, as part of the SAFE Seas (The Safeguarding Against and Addressing Fishers’ Exploitation at Sea) Project.


The SAFE Seas Project focuses on improving enforcement to combat labor exploitation and decreasing the social constructs that enable this situation on fishing vessels in Indonesia and the Philippines. Activities include strengthening, or creating when necessary, rules, institutions, and processes that protect workers, while also strengthening workers’ awareness of rights and reporting abilities. For more Plan international’s publications, click here.

The labour supply chain mapping of Indonesian fishers includes recruitment, hiring and placement for both domestic and foreign fishing vessels (Taiwan, China and South Korea.) The study will support the SAFE Seas Project Team to inform decision makers and key government agencies on improving fishers’ management regulations, policies and strategies for responsible, and transparent and fair recruitment and hiring for domestic and international placements.

The project will identify points of risk which lead to abusive labor practices within the existing legal regulatory frameworks of Indonesia and of those destination countries from recruitment, hiring and placement processes and mechanisms.

This project will be conducted by a team of three consultants. Team leader Mina Chiang has a wide experience in ending trafficking and forced labour, particularly Taiwan’s fishing industry with key international stakeholders and grassroots NGOs. Senior advisor Birgitte Krogh-Poulsen has over 20 years’ experience working on social development and human rights in Africa and Asia, and has since 2014 worked substantially on promoting decent work and sustainable livelihoods in the global seafood industry. Consultant Jeremia Humolong Prasetya has experience of working with various stakeholders in Indonesia including government agencies, local NGOs, Coventry University, and the IOM Indonesia on labour rights in Indonesia’s fish industry.