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Report on the Overview of the Migrant Domestic Workers in Taiwan

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July 27, 2021

Report Publication

Report published in July 2021

Continuing our work to end modern slavery, globally, we are delighted to publish our new report titled, The Marginalised — An Overview of the Migrant Domestic Workers in Taiwan.

This report is prepared by Humanity Research Consultancy, written by Sharlene Chen.

The report sets out the big picture of the condition of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Taiwan by looking at the most relevant laws and policies, stakeholders, and initiatives that have shaped their lives in this country. Three decades have passed since the first blue-collar migrant worker had been officially introduced into Taiwan, but so far, it has failed to provide these workers with a just, safe, and friendly working environment.

There are two types of MDWs in Taiwan: the domestic nursing workers (caregivers) and the domestic helpers, and both fall under the category of social welfare migrant workers. The nature of these two jobs and the qualification of their employers are fundamentally different. 

Read the full report for a better grip on this issue.

This report is written with the objective of understanding the facts and statistics, the overall working environment of, and the stakeholders involved with the MDWs in Taiwan. Humanity Research Consultancy is dedicated to the improvement of human and labour rights, globally. This report is part of our work to promote migrant labour standards and to raise awareness of the related issues in Taiwan.

Our reports reveal locally harvested, richly nuanced insights that get straight to the heart of issues. At HRC, our local evidence-based insights empower policymakers to end forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking, globally.