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New Report on the Fate of Female Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Argentina

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December 15, 2021

Report Publication

Sex trafficking

Report published in December 2021

Taking forward our work to end modern slavery, globally, we are delighted to publish our new report titled, The Invisible – The Fate of Female Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Argentina.
Report on the Lack of a Comprehensive and Restorative Policy for Women Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation

This report is a publication of Humanity Research Consultancy, written by María Julia Moreyra  and edited by Deeksha Sharma.

The report highlights the harsh reality experienced by women who have been victims and survivors of sex trafficking in Argentina. 

Argentina is a country of origin, transit, and destination for human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This painful reality means that they remain invisible, mainly to the Argentinian state, which has not yet managed to consolidate a policy of reparation for their rights that have been seriously violated.

We believe that it is important to raise awareness about the risks of this crime from an early stage and, fundamentally, to design prevention programmes, in which the alliance of the State, civil society organisations and experts in the field would be fundamental.

Our reports reveal locally harvested, richly nuanced insights that get straight to the heart of issues. At HRC, our local evidence-based insights empower policymakers to end forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking, globally.

Read the full report here.