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You are a visionary business leader who insists to run your business ethically, ensure no worker in the supply chain is exploited, and avoid any potential negative media coverage. We are here for you.

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Your brand thrives to be ethical, but aligning your global suppliers sounds like a daunting task? Leave it to us. Through online workshops to through visiting your suppliers’ factories, our consultants in all continents are here to ensure your brand’s human rights standards and ethical value is conveyed and respected by all suppliers.

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Wanting to investigate your supply chain? We are here for you. Our consultant network of over 50 countries are here to support you to gain a clear picture of your supply chain and the risks of labour abuses involved.

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Searching for supports to shape strategy to eliminate the risks in your supply chain? Or just want to have a one-to-one conversation to know more about what is more slavery and how it affects you? Book our consulting service. Email us about your need, or simply use the calendar underneath to book your first conversation with us.

Our consultancy team is delighted to answer your question regarding modern slavery and provide trainings to you, your staffs, or your suppliers. To start with, book our time to have a conversation with us.