HRC Impact Report

Take a look at our Impact Reports that highlight HRC’s work and impact over the years. Each Impact Report is translated into Chinese, as well as any other relevant languages.

108 interviews with survivors and relevant stakeholders

70+ survivors directly engaged with/supported

12 publications created and 2 policy proposals presented to governments

14 collaborations with NGOs

12 times in the media

2000+ followers on LinkedIn

79 survivors interviewed

(Cambodia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Taiwan)

200+ stakeholder interviews, including government officials, NGOs, community leaders, family members of the survivors.

28 consultants from around 25 countries, officially joined HRC’s Pool of Consultants; with ability to reach consultants in 50+ countries

24 government official engagements

900+ followers on our social media (LinkedIn)

11 times in the media

23 local NGOs worked together with

8 reports produced

26 languages spoken in our team of consultants


(柬埔寨, 孟加拉, 菲律賓, 台灣)


28位顧問來自約25個國家正式加入了HRC的顧問團隊;且HRC有能力連結到 50 多個國家的專業人士


累積900 多名LinkedIn上的追蹤者


23 個非政府組織與我們合作

8 份報告的製作

顧問團隊總共使用26 種語言

79 penyintas telah diwawancarai

(Kamboja, Bangladesh, Filipina dan Taiwan)

200+ pemangku kepentingan yang relevan telah diwawancarai

28 konsultan dari 25 negara yang bergabung secara resmi dengan Pool of Consultants (Kumpulan Konsultan) milik HRC, dengan kemampuan untuk mencapai konsultan dari 50+ negara

24 pertemuan dengan pejabat pemerintah

900+ pengikut di media sosial kami (LinkedIn)

11 kali muncul di media

Bekerjasama dengan 23 LSM

Memproduksi 8 laporan

26 bahasa yang digunakan oleh tim konsultan HRC