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4th January 2023

萬名外籍漁工出海即斷聯 民團連署促保障網路人權

HRC was recently mentioned in Yahoo Taiwan’s report on our joint campaign with Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum, Fospi, Stella Mari Kaohsiung, Taiwan Association for Human Rights demanding fishers have access to Wi-Fi onboard distant-water fishing vessels. The article highlights the issue of migrant workers onboard Taiwanese fishing vessels being at sea for months at a time, cut off from the rest of the world. Yahoo Taiwan also shines a light on the petition that has been created to harbour support on the matter, in the hopes that the Taiwanese government will take concrete action in protecting the rights of fishers at sea.

Read the article here.

20th December 2022

Sklaverei 2.0 in Betrugsfabriken (Slavery 2.0 in Fraud Factories)

Mina Chiang along with Abdus Salam, our survivor empowerment officer, were interviewed by Tagesschau, the oldest and most watched news program on German television. Salam spoke of his experience as a survivor of human trafficking and cyber slavery after being trapped in a scamming compound in Cambodia. Mina highlights the scale at which this crime is being conducted, with thousands of victims being lured in through fake job opportunities.

Read the news report here.

3rd December 2022

Providing access to Wi-Fi on board fishing vessels is crucial for the human rights of the fishers

An Indonesian language news platform based in Taiwan reported on our campaign pushing for Wi-Fi for fishers at sea. The campaign is in collaboration with Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum (GLJ-ILRF), supported by Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Stella Maris Kaohsiung and Fospi Donggang Pingtung. Many of the fishers on distant water fishing vessels are migrant workers from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Therefore, it is promising to see our campaign being covered by global news platforms; resources in different languages such as Indonesian will make our work more accessible to the affected communities.

Read the news report here.

13th October 2022

Traffickers in Southeast Asia: “Selling Chinese man, 22, slow typer”

Der Spiegel, the largest news website in Germany, published a major on cyber scams and human trafficking in south-east Asia with reports from Cambodia, China, and Taiwan. HRC’s founder, Mina Chiang, was contacted for the story, providing insight into the modus operandi of the nature of the crime and the grave human rights abuses that the victims face. HRC also facilitated a conversation between Der Spiegel’s journalist and a survivor who was willing to speak up about their experience. 

Read the news report here.

8th October 2022

Chinese Mafia using ‘cyber slaves’ for digital scams

The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, recently published a story on the emergence of cyber slavery in scamming compounds across Cambodia and other countries such as Myanmar and Laos. Salam, HRC’s survivor empowerment officer, was interviewed for the article, sharing his experience of being forced to scam whilst trapped in a compound in Cambodia. HRC’s director and founder, Mina Chiang, was also quoted, highlighting the difficulty of combatting this unprecedented crime as a result of operations frequently moving across borders. It is promising to see large news outlets from across the globe covering the issue of cyber slavery, playing a vital role in raising awareness.

Read the full article here.

4th October 2022

They Thought Their Human Trafficking Nightmare Was Over. Then Came the Police.

HRC’s founder and director, Mina Chiang, was quoted by the New York-headquartered Vice News in its documentary essay on the abuse of human trafficking victims by Cambodian police after being rescued from Cambodia’s draconian scamming camps. We are optimistic that Vice’s extraordinary and timely journalistic story will generate a robust international response as it calls for Cambodian authorities to treat trafficking survivors with dignity and ensure their safe repatriation.

Read the news report here.

24th September 2022


In September 2022 HRC co-hosted a press conference with other NGOs and politicians in order to highlight the need for increased efforts from governments in supporting survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. Several survivors spoke at the event and HRC, along with other organisations, stressed the need for a National Referral Mechanism to be implemented by the Taiwanese government and other governments across the globe who currently lack the appropriate frameworks to support survivors.

Read the news report here.

12th September 2022

DW: Cambodia: Human trafficking crisis driven by cyberscams

Deutsche Welle is a German international broadcaster and one of the nation’s leading news outlets. Our founder, Mina Chiang, was interviewed for their report on cyberscams and human trafficking in Cambodia. Mina highlights how scamming activities operate as a ‘double crime’, generating victims of both slavery and scams, and outlines the prevalent method of ‘pig butchering’.

Read the news report here.

10th September 2022

Lara Globalpedia: 5歲都要懂的國際觀 ── 專訪救援內幕!

Our Project Manager, Sharlene Chen, was invited to talk with Lara on her YouTube channel “5歲都要懂的國際觀”. Sharlene gives a detailed description of the cyber scamming situation in Cambodia and discusses HRC’s work in prevention methods, solutions and providing assistance directly to survivors. 

Watch the video here.

9th September 2022


The Reporter provides detailed coverage of cyber slavery in scamming compounds in Cambodia. Yu-Tang Wang, our survivor empowerment and anti-scam consultant, and Pipi, a survivor assisted by HRC, were both interviewed for the article and shared their experience of being forced to scam. Their contribution reveals the atrocities that are currently taking place in the scamming compounds and highlight how people from all background can be lured into human trafficking and slavery. Our founder Mina Chiang also speaks of how HRC came to learn about the pertinence of cyber slavery and the work we are carrying out to combat this crime.

Read the full article here.

31st August 2022

Podcast沈春華 我們脫殼 Women’s Talk

The Women’s Talk podcast highlighted the presence of human trafficking and cyber scamming camps in Cambodia. During the interview, our founder Mina Chiang explained how rescue operations are conducted throughout the international community and detailed how to recognise doubtful information.

Listen to the podcast here.

28th August 2022


National Education Radio interviewed our founder, Mina Chiang, with inquiries as to how people can avoid fake job offers. Mina highlighted that people should take note of the credibility of a company’s information and details in order to prevent cyberscams and protect themselves.

Listen to the interview here.

19th August 2022

LiMA新聞世界第447集 完整專題【命懸柬埔寨】

LiMA Reports exposes the physical and mental torture victims are subjected to in the human trafficking and cyber scamming camps and highlights how a lack of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Cambodia hinder rescue operations. The founder of HRC, Mina Chiang, suggests that building strong networks with other targeted countries to assist in rescues would be another feasible options.

Watch the interview here.

18th August 2022

Radio Taiwan International – Taiwan Insider: Human Trafficking

HRC was interviewed by Radio Taiwan International to share our knowledge on human trafficking and cyber scamming camps in Cambodia. Our founder, Mina Chiang, details the severity of the situation, the warning signs people can look out for and how victims can navigate getting rescued.

Watch the interview here.

16th August 2022

【謠言風向球】小心「海外打工誘騙」事件 查核中心教你5招積極防範

In this interview with Yahoo Taiwan, HRC discuss the channels through which innocent people are lured into scamming slavery camps and outline five precautions people should take when approached with overseas job offers. Taiwanese survivor Pipi (pseudonym), who we work closely with, also details her experience of being enslaved and forced to scam in Cambodia.

Read the full article here.

7th May 2022

在英國創立社會企業 (feat. 江玉敏) (Creating a Social Enterprise in the UK)

Our founder and director Mina Chiang was recently a guest on Taiwanese podcast 我是住英台. Mina spoke of her journey to setting up HRC and the challenges she faced along the way, outlining what a social enterprise is and how HRC operates within society, working with NGOs, governments and businesses alike. Mina also informs Taiwanese listeners as to what they can do to help combat modern slavery.

Listen to the podcast here.

18th Mar 2022


We were interviewed by the Taiwan Fishery Radio Station speaking about protecting labour rights in the fishing industry.

Listen to the podcast here.

16th Sep 2021

不到 30 歲在英國創業,國際發展顧問江玉敏談「夢想急轉彎」:「認識自己很重要」

The media “Crossing” is a major Taiwanese media outlet with an international focus. The interview with our founder (written in Chinese) describes HRC’s work and its genesis.

Read the report here.

3rd Sep 2021

“Labor of Loss” Podcast: Episode 6: The Trafficker Next Door

Labor of Loss, is a podcast series explores experiences of human trafficking and labor exploitation across Asia. Episode 6 looks at a type of exploitation women in particular face: being forced into marriage. HRC is glad to have contributed to the podcast sharing our knowledge around trafficking survivors’ reintegration.

Listen to the podcast here.

8th July 2021

Press conference: Taiwan TIP Report 2021 – U.S. State Department Misses Opportunity to Push Taiwan Government to Take Greater Action to Combat Human Trafficking in the Fishing Sector

Together with the Seafood Working Group and the Taiwanese NGOs, we show disagreement regarding the U.S. 2021 Trafficking in Persons maintaining Taiwan at Tier 1 for the twelfth consecutive year despite ongoing concerns around human trafficking in the fishing industry.

Watch the recording of the press conference.

3rd June 2020

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Alumni Network: Mina is on a mission to decolonize development with her organisation Human Research Consultancy.

IDS Alumni Network interviews our founder Mina Chiang for her journey to start the HRC.

Read the interview here.

3rd June 2020

“Rotary Voice” Blog: My miracle and ending modern slavery

Our founder, Mina Chiang, writes about her journey with Rotary and ending modern slavery in Rotary’s global blog “Rotary Voice”.

Read the blog post here.