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18th Mar 2022


We were interviewed by the Taiwan Fishery Radio Station speaking about protecting labour rights in the fishing industry.

Listen to the podcast here.

16th Sep 2021

不到 30 歲在英國創業,國際發展顧問江玉敏談「夢想急轉彎」:「認識自己很重要」

The media “Crossing” is a major Taiwanese media outlet with an international focus. The interview with our founder (written in Chinese) describes HRC’s work and its genesis.

Read the report here.

3rd Sep 2021

“Labor of Loss” Podcast: Episode 6: The Trafficker Next Door

Labor of Loss, is a podcast series explores experiences of human trafficking and labor exploitation across Asia. Episode 6 looks at a type of exploitation women in particular face: being forced into marriage. HRC is glad to have contributed to the podcast sharing our knowledge around trafficking survivors’ reintegration.

Listen to the podcast here.

8th July 2021

Press conference: Taiwan TIP Report 2021 – U.S. State Department Misses Opportunity to Push Taiwan Government to Take Greater Action to Combat Human Trafficking in the Fishing Sector

Together with the Seafood Working Group and the Taiwanese NGOs, we show disagreement regarding the U.S. 2021 Trafficking in Persons maintaining Taiwan at Tier 1 for the twelfth consecutive year despite ongoing concerns around human trafficking in the fishing industry.

Watch the recording of the press conference.

3rd June 2020

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Alumni Network: Mina is on a mission to decolonize development with her organisation Human Research Consultancy.

IDS Alumni Network interviews our founder Mina Chiang for her journey to start the HRC.

Read the interview here.

3rd June 2020

“Rotary Voice” Blog: My miracle and ending modern slavery

Our founder, Mina Chiang, writes about her journey with Rotary and ending modern slavery in Rotary’s global blog “Rotary Voice”.

Read the blog post here.