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Chinese Mafia using ‘cyber slaves’ for digital scams

October 8, 2022

The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, recently published a story on the emergence of cyber slavery in scamming compounds across Cambodia and other countries such as Myanmar and Laos. Salam, HRC’s survivor empowerment officer, was interviewed for the article, sharing his experience of being forced to scam whilst...

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They Thought Their Human Trafficking Nightmare Was Over. Then Came the Police.

October 4, 2022

HRC's founder and director, Mina Chiang, was quoted by the New York-headquartered Vice News in its documentary essay on the abuse of human trafficking victims by Cambodian police after being rescued from Cambodia's draconian scamming camps. We are optimistic that Vice's extraordinary and timely journalistic story will generate a robust...

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September 24, 2022

In September 2022 HRC co-hosted a press conference with other NGOs and politicians in order to highlight the need for increased efforts from governments in supporting survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. Several survivors spoke at the event and HRC, along with other organisations, stressed the need for a...

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DW: Cambodia: Human trafficking crisis driven by cyberscams

September 12, 2022

Deutsche Welle is a German international broadcaster and one of the nation’s leading news outlets. Our founder, Mina Chiang, was interviewed for their report on cyberscams and human trafficking in Cambodia. Mina highlights how scamming activities operate as a ‘double crime’, generating victims of both slavery and scams, and outlines...

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Lara Globalpedia: 5歲都要懂的國際觀 ── 專訪救援內幕!

September 10, 2022

Our Project Manager, Sharlene Chen, was invited to talk with Lara on her YouTube channel “5歲都要懂的國際觀”. Sharlene gives a detailed description of the cyber scamming situation in Cambodia and discusses HRC’s work in prevention methods, solutions and providing assistance directly to survivors. Watch the video here

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September 9, 2022

The Reporter provides detailed coverage of cyber slavery in scamming compounds in Cambodia. Yu-Tang Wang, our survivor empowerment and anti-scam consultant, and Pipi, a survivor assisted by HRC, were both interviewed for the article and shared their experience of being forced to scam. Their contribution reveals the atrocities that are...

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Podcast 沈春華 我們脫殼 Women’s Talk

August 31, 2022

The Women’s Talk podcast highlighted the presence of human trafficking and cyber scamming camps in Cambodia. During the interview, our founder Mina Chiang explained how rescue operations are conducted throughout the international community and detailed how to recognise doubtful information. Listen to the podcast here

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August 28, 2022

National Education Radio interviewed our founder, Mina Chiang, with inquiries as to how people can avoid fake job offers. Mina highlighted that people should take note of the credibility of a company’s information and details in order to prevent cyberscams and protect themselves. Listen to the interview here

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LiMA新聞世界第447集 完整專題【命懸柬埔寨】

August 19, 2022

LiMA Reports exposes the physical and mental torture victims are subjected to in the human trafficking and cyber scamming camps and highlights how a lack of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Cambodia hinder rescue operations. The founder of HRC, Mina Chiang, suggests that building strong networks with other targeted countries to assist...

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Radio Taiwan International – Taiwan Insider: Human Trafficking

August 18, 2022

HRC was interviewed by Radio Taiwan International to share our knowledge on human trafficking and cyber scamming camps in Cambodia. Our founder, Mina Chiang, details the severity of the situation, the warning signs people can look out for and how victims can navigate getting rescued. Watch the interview here

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