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Modern Slavery Helpline Directory

Modern slavery helplines play a pivotal role in understanding and handling the risks of modern slavery because they can gather information from those who are seeing and experiencing exploitation first-hand. No matter where you are, if you know or think a person has been trafficked or forced to work against their will, there are helplines you can turn to for help. Here is a list of the organisations working to end modern slavery and human trafficking in countries all around the world with their hotlines that you can call for assistance. 

(The managing authorities for these helpline numbers are written inside the brackets).

Please note: Phone numbers are subject to change. If any of the given numbers and hotlines do not work, we recommend you to contact the relevant local authorities for assistance.


Attorney Trafficking and Exploitation of People – PROTEX (Government of Argentina)
Tel. +54 37542921

Human Trafficking Hotline (Ministry of Justice and Human Rights)
Tel: 145


Anti-Slavery Australia
(Non-governmental Organisation, NGO)
Tel: +61 2 9514 9660


Hotline for Human Trafficking (Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service and Government of Austria )
Tel: +43-1-24836-985383


Brazil Hotline for Human Rights (Government of Brazil)
Tel. 100


Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) (NGO)
Tel. +855-23 218653 / 990554


Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (Canadian Police)
Tel. 613-993-7267

Czech Republic

Caritas Operates Magdala, Charity Network (NGO)
Tel. +420 296 243 330


The Danish Centre Against Human Trafficking hotline (National Board of Health and Welfare)
Tel. +45 70 20 25 50


National Assistance System for Victims of Trafficking (Government of Finland)
Tel. +358 29 54 63 177


National Network for the Assistance and Protection of Human Trafficking Victims (Government of France)
Tel. +33 (0)4 92 15 10 51


Hotline for victims of Trafficking (Government Hungary, NGO)
Tel. 06-80/20-55-20


Anti-Trafficking Helpline (Ministry of Home Affairs)
Tel. 1800 419 8588

Childline India (Ministry of Women and Child Development, NGO)
Tel. 1098


Hotline for the Confidential Reporting of Suspicions of Trafficking (Department of Justice, Government of Ireland)
Tel. 1800 666 111 


National Hotline Against Trafficking (Department for Equal Opportunities, Government of Italy)
Tel. 800 290 290


Japan Network Against Trafficking in Persons (JNATIP) (Government of Japan, NGO)
Tel. 03 3207 7880


Childline Kenya (NGO, Government of Kenya)
Tel. 116


Hotline Against Trafficking (Government of Latvia)
Tel. 80002012


Sengsavang (NGO)
Tel. +856 41 260 276


CoMensha, Independent Coordination Center (NGO)
Tel. +31 33 4481186

Crime Stoppers Netherlands (NGO)
Tel: 0800 70 00 


National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (Government of Nigeria)
Tel. +234 7030000203


National Anti-Trafficking Hotline, Council for Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants (Government of Malaysia)
Tel. 03-8000 8000


The National Consulting and Intervention Centre for the Victims of Trafficking (Government of Poland)
Tel. +48 22 628 01 20


Hotline Against Trafficking (Government of Romania)
Tel. 0800 800 678

South Africa

South African National Human Trafficking Hotline (Government of South Africa)
Tel. 0800 222 777


Foreign Workers Consultation and Protection Hotline, (Ministry of Labour)
Tel. 1955


Safe Child Thailand Helpine (NGO)
Tel. 1387

United States of America

National Human Trafficking Hotline (U.S. Department of State)
Tel. +1-888-373-7888

International TIP (Trafficking in Persons) Line
Tel. +1-802-872-6199

United Kingdom

Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline, Unseen UK (NGO)
Tel. 08000 121 700

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (Government of the UK)
Tel: 0800 432 0804

Communicating your experiences and reporting situations of exploitation and abuse are one of the first steps to ending modern slavery and human trafficking.