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Scams, Human Trafficking Thrived at Bokor Mountain Behind Tycoon’s Luxury Hotel

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February 15, 2023


CamboJA News, an independent media platform that works towards restoring press freedom in Cambodia, recently published what may be the first English-language article to cover the scamming compounds on Bokor Mountain. CamboJA contacted HRC after reading our briefing and attending our webinar on the scamming compounds in Cambodia, requesting more information on the lesser-known Bokor compound.


We helped connect CamboJA to Taiwanese police officers, who provide vital information included in the article, and our founder Mina Chiang was also interviewed. We would like to thank CamboJA for working so thoroughly to compile this report, generating much needed attention on the widespread nature of this crime.


The article reveals details of the scamming compounds operating on Bokor Mountain, Cambodia, disclosing key actors and the modus operandi of the gangs involved in the scamming ring. The dismissal of cases by the Cambodian police is also highlighted, along with claims that the local police have cooperated with scam bosses. Mina echoes this, outlining the difficulty this creates with regard to rescuing victims from the compounds and the violence and threats they are subjected to.