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ইমপ্যাক্ট রিপোর্ট 2021-22 – বাংলা ভাষান্তর

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January 31, 2023


Our 2021-22 Impact Report has now been translated into Bengali in order to make our work more accessible to communities in Bangladesh.


We have worked closely with survivors from Bangladesh throughout the past year, assisting in their safe exit from scamming compounds in Cambodia and providing a space for their stories to be heard. A Bangladeshi survivor also joined the HRC team in 2022 as our Survivor Empowerment Officer.


We have conducted numerous projects in Bangladesh from 2021-22, such as the multi-country research project we carried out in order to better understand systemic vulnerability to human trafficking. This project was funded by Winrock International and included research into Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia, as well as Bangladesh. An earlier project with IDS, in partnership with Winrock International and funded by USAID, took insights from Bangladesh, along with Cambodia and Taiwan, in order to identify barriers and opportunities for more effective identification of victims of human trafficking.