We produce or support our clients to produce a broad range of publications in our areas of work. Our publications are a great source of information on modern slavery and its various forms (human trafficking, forced labour, child labour, sex trafficking, among others) around the world.

HRC’s publications reflect what we have achieved as a growing social enterprise and what we envision to end modern slavery, globally. Discover our latest reports below.

Survivors’ Perspectives on Successful Reintegration after Trafficking


This in-depth research conducted in Bangladesh and Cambodia centres discussion about reintegration around survivors as agents in shaping their own lives, presenting evidence and opinions from survivors themselves about the most effective support systems and approaches to reintegration, rather than from the perspective of service providers.

Labor Abuse In Taiwan’s Seafood Industry & Local Advocacy For Reform


This report identifies entry points for the Seafood Working Group to support local movements in Taiwan that are pushing for reform and to end forced labour in the fishing industry. It includes a profile of the industry and the workforce, a mapping of local labour movements and their demands, and practical guidelines to help international advocacy organisations engage.

Baseline Study: on the Awareness and Application of Human Rights in Taiwan’s Fishing Industry


This report provides evidence focusing on poor human rights conditions in the coastal fishing industry in Taiwan. It discusses the problematic role of the recruitment agencies and the role of Taiwan’s Fisheries Agency when it comes to running the Overseas Employment Scheme beyond the normal labour protection law.

Comments Concerning the Ranking of Taiwan by the U.S. Department of State in the 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report


This document contains the Seafood Working Group (SWG)’s comments concerning Taiwan’s ranking in the United States Department of State’s upcoming 2021 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report. Convened by Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum (GLJ-ILRF), the SWG is a global coalition of 26 labour, human rights, and environmental non-governmental organizations to hold governments and companies accountable and drive change.

Labour Disputes Reveal a Worrying Power Imbalance and Vulnerability of Migrant Fishermen in Taiwan’s Fishing Industry


Highlighting the worrying power imbalance between migrant fishers, vessel owner, and the recruitment and manning agencies resulting in inappropriate arbitrary termination of the work contract by employer and the denial of workers’ rights for sick leave, the case study also highlights the need to align national policies and standards with international convention.