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Survivor Testimonies

It is vital we centre survivors’ voices in our battle against human trafficking and modern slavery.

In July 2022 HRC was approached by a Taiwanese survivor who was trapped in a Cambodian scamming compound. The survivor informed us of what was happening in these compounds and how people were being tricked and trafficked to Cambodia, where they would be forced to carry out online scams. The victims are subjected to physical and psychological abuse and are unable to leave, often being sold between scamming gangs. Since learning of this unprecedented crime, HRC has worked with over 60 survivors, facilitating their rescue and working closely with them to provide support and gather vital information as to how the scamming operations are run.

Powerful words from a Bangladeshi survivor

Crucial inside information from a survivor

Messages of thanks from a survivor’s mother 

(Translation – “Thank you sister, thank you to your organisation for all your help with my son. My son has returned home.”)

A message from a survivor upon his return back home to his family

Inside information from an Ethiopian survivor who has now returned home

In order to provide emergency support for survivors of human trafficking across the globe, HRC have established the Oasis Fund. All money donated to the fund goes directly to survivors.

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Become a Partner

HRC has collaborated with numerous NGOs including the Garden of Hope Foundation, the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation and the Global Anti-Scam Organization, as well as governmental departments such as the Taiwanese Criminal Investigation Bureau.

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