Operational Team

Mina Chiang, founder, director and senior consultant specialising in modern slavery, human rights, and poverty. Mina has an inter-disciplinary background in engineering, sociology, anthropology and international development. She has consulted in some of the world’s poorest and conflict-affected countries. With research experience in modern slavery, forced labour, and human rights issues across a wide range of UN bodies, governments and NGOs, Mina is becoming a sought after expert. She is also a coordinator and board director for the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery (RAGAS) and a Delta 8.7 Policy Guide working group member.

Simon Stockley, advisor. Simon is a senior faculty member in management practice at Cambridge Judge Business School, a social entrepreneur, and an advocate for trafficked women. Prior to coming to Cambridge, Simon spent ten years at Imperial College Business School as director of the full-time MBA programme. His MBA course in entrepreneurship was ranked 3rd in the world by the Financial Times.

Karen Leigh Anderson, advisor. Karen works with social entrepreneurs to grow and scale businesses that change the world. An experienced professional consultant, Karen has worked with more than 1,000 social enterprises, community organisations, development trusts, community transport organisations, housing associations, co-operatives and charities. She specialises in developing sustainable organisations through innovative methods of growth, franchising/replication and buying profitable private businesses, as well as investment readiness support. She is a Churchill Enterprise Fellow for 2018.

Sharlene Chen, associate consultant. Sharlene’s area of interests includes migration, social justice, and fostering sustainability at a global level, and her research experiences range from migrant labour rights and stateless children in Taiwan to irregular migration in Europe. With a dedication to International Politics and Human Rights issues, Sharlene has experiences in working with NGOs, advocacy and policymaking in refugee and asylum seeker rights, and writing in regional conflicts and the human rights crisis in Asia.

Technical Team

Deeksha Sharma
Associate consultant

#DecentWork #ForcedLabour #Sustainability #Gender

Professional Experience | 5 years in the development sector

Specialisation | Gender, social development and inclusion, sanitation and forced labour in India

Geographic Concentration | India

Description | Diversified experience in advocacy and research for international organisations, think tanks & not-for-profits, with a keen focus on social development, inclusion, forced labour, gender, well-being and promoting global sustainability. Loves writing poetry, sky/stargazing and enjoys art and creativity.

María Julia Moreyra
Senior consultant

#GirlsandAdolescentsRights #MigrantsandDisplacedPersons

Professional Experience | 17 years in gender, human rights, international humanitarian law & 11 years in modern slavery

Specialisation | Gender Issues and Human rights protection towards vulnerable groups in Argentina and in Latin America and the Caribbean

Geographic Concentration | Latin America and the Caribbean

Description | Experienced in working with NGOs and States institutions on developing possible solutions and public policy advice in order to prevent violations of the rights of the most vulnerable groups in our communities. Lover of nature, dogs and outdoor activities.

Ali Adenwala
Associate consultant

#MigrantRights #LabourLaw #HumanTrafficking

Professional Experience | 2 years in human rights law, both as a researcher and in practice

Specialisation | Law and policy combatting human trafficking and forced labour in Bahrain

Geographic Concentration | Bahrain

Description | Skilled in qualitative research in human rights and immigration law, with practical legal experience representing vulnerable clients in their legal claims. Former actor, avid language learner.

Salil Shah
Senior consultant

#Security #YouthEmployment #ForcedMigration

Professional Experience | 10 years in the development sector

Specialisation | Project Management, Safety & Security, Forced Migration and Youth Employment.

Geographic Concentration | sub-Saharan Africa

Description | Project and international development specialist with extensive experience supporting project implementation through partnership management, resource management and scheduling, training, reporting, capacity building and evaluation. Lover of outdoor activities, theatre and art.

Jeremia Humolong Prasetya
Associate consultant

#ModernSlaveryatSea #FishersRights 

Professional Experience | 3 years in International Law of the Sea & 2 years in Labor Law

Specialisation | Irregular migration by sea, forced labour and trafficking in fisheries

Geographic Concentration | Indonesia

Description | Holds an LL.M of Public International Law from Utrecht Universiteit and Bachelor of Law from Universitas Indonesia. Experienced in legal research and writing relating to the international law of the sea and labour law. Experienced in working with multiple international NGOs, universities in the United Kingdom and Indonesia, local CSOs, and the Indonesian government in analyzing and developing policies on the law of sea-related issues, such as the protection of fishers and fishing workers’ rights, IUU fishing, and irregular migration by sea. 

Alba Alonso
Senior consultant

#HumanTrafficking #Gender

Professional Experience | 13 years in human rights law, labour law, gender-based violence & 8 years in human trafficking and forced migration

Specialisation | Human Rights Protection and Migration (Human Trafficking, Migrant Smuggling and Asylum). Lecturer & Senior Trainer. International Cooperation Specialist

Geographic Concentration | Spain & Latin America

Description | I have a long experience in legal assistance, advocacy, research, public policy technical advice, drafting of legal proposals, strategic litigation, designing and implementation of trainings, etc. I have also worked with different international NGOs in different countries (Spain, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, etc).  I love reading, travelling and hiking.

Bunthea Keo

#Crime #HumanRights

Professional Experience | 18 years of in law, human rights, and transitional justice

Specialisation | Advocacy strategy management, design and case files tracking management

Geographic Concentration | Cambodia and the ASEAN region

Description | Bunthea Keo is a licensed Attorney at Law registered with the Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia. Bunthea has 18 years of progress professional experience working with both in the NGO sectors in Cambodia and the ASEAN region as well as with UN agencies and UN Secretariat. While working in Cambodia, he also offer his legal expertise to represent the victim of human trafficking, child abuse and vulnerable people in land dispute cases at domestic courts, offering his extensive knowledge on Cambodian public interest pro-bono cases.

Mankah Fombang


Professional Experience | 2 years in international criminal law, 5 years in human rights

Specialisation | Programme Management, African Human Rights System, International Criminal Law

Geographic Concentration | sub-Saharan Africa

Description | Expertise in legal research, drafting, analysis and writing. Experience with international criminal tribunals, multilateral development finance institution, law firms, and NGOs. Extensive experience in programme management and implementation.

Anna Sher
Associate consultant


Professional Experience | 2 years in the development sector

Specialisation | Anti-trafficking work in Mekong area, Migrant Rights in Taiwan

Geographic Concentration | Taiwan, Southeast Asia (Mekong area)

Description | Committed to human rights advocacy and supporting vulnerable groups. Skilled in researches focusing on human trafficking issues in the Mekong area and migrant labour rights in Taiwan. Worked with NGOs on humanitarian aid projects in Southeast Asia and East Africa. Loves swimming in the ocean, riding a scooter, and a good cup of tea.

Thao Ngoc Do
Senior consultant

#HumanTrafficking #Technology #AIEthics andSafety

Professional Experience | +10 years in International Development, Humanitarian Actions, and ICT4D

Specialisation | Child protection, gender equality, tech against trafficking, public policy, Monitoring & Evaluation

Geographic Concentration | India, Tunisia, Cambodia, Uganda, Viet Nam

Description | Hold MA in Governance and Development from Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK. Currently PhD candidate in Accountable, Responsible, Transparent Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath, UK. Interdisciplinary background and research on sociology, criminology, technology, and social protection. Experienced in working with stakeholders at multi-levels, UNs, NGOs, Governments, and private sector under roles of Consultant/Director/Researcher.  Expertise in research and writing on civil society, digital justice, democratic institutions, and human rights. Nature lover and yoga practitioner.

Alissa Mustre del Rio
Associate consultant

#Intersectionality #InternationalHumanRightsLaw

Professional Experience | 4 years in the human rights and advocacy sectors, 2 years in development and research sectors

Specialisation | Migration & Security, Gender Equity, Social Justice & Intersectionality

Geographic Concentration | Latin America & the Caribbean, more specifically Mexico

Description | Human rights and humanitarian action professional with substantial and varied experience in the professional and academic fields. Experienced in working with NGOs, non-profit organisations, think tanks, State institutions that focus on social justice, human rights, development and advocacy. Loves to read, hang out with her cat, and cook Mexican food.

Lord Mawuko-Yevugah
Senior consultant

#HumanRights #ChildLabour

Professional Experience | 20 years in journalism, academia and research

Specialisation | global power shifts, human rights, youth cultures, globalisation and global value chains

Geographic Concentration | sub-Saharan Africa

Description | Political economist and international relations specialist with MPhil in development studies from the University of Cambridge, UK and PhD in political science from the University of Alberta, Canada. Effectively combines academic research with advocacy and activism around governance reform, social justice, child rights protection, economic inclusion and corporate accountability. Current research focuses on various forms of exploitation, forced labour and human rights abuse in Ghana’s mining and petrochemical industrial complex. Lover of James Bond movies.

Carolina Salazar

#FairWork #LabourRights

Professional Experience | 4 years in the development and sustainability sector, 5 years in academic research, 2 years in digital labour, feminist economies, gender and future of work

Specialisation | Gender, sociology of labor, anthropology, feminist economies, digital labour, and sustainable cities

Geographic Concentration | Latin America and the Caribbean

Description | Multidisciplinary professional and scholar experienced in coordinating and facilitating for multi-sector parties (public sector-civil society-NGO), analyzing public policy and territorial development, with a keen focus on gender inequalities, labor rights and sustainability. Passionate about bicycles and domestic composting. Loves nature, cats and dogs.

Mira Fey
Senior consultant

#ProtectionOfVictims #Gender #LabourRights

Professional Experience |  7 years research & 3 years in practice in policy analysis and evaluation linked to human rights protection and gender, migration, and LGBTQI+ rights

Specialisation | State interventions against labour exploitation and human trafficking of vulnerable groups

Geographic Concentration | Europe and Northern America

Description | Researcher, educator, and organiser with a passion to end labour exploitation through fighting root causes. Holds a PhD in Political Science/International Relations that focused on sex work policy from the Graduate Institute, Geneva. Experienced in analysing implementation and effects of different policies aimed at protecting vulnerable groups through qualitative and quantitative methods. Enjoys teaching, organising workshops and giving guest talks. Trilingual nature-lover and feminist.

Pallavi Chatterjee
Associate consultant

#IntersectionalPolicymaking #GenderAndDevelopment  #InformalWorkers   

Professional Experience | 7 years in human rights research, training and mainstreaming initiatives in the realm of education, healthcare, gender and development

Specialisation | Gender-based violence and intersectional policymaking, the rights of informal women economy workers, human rights-based approaches to sustainable development, and vulnerability approaches to human rights protection

Geographic Concentration | India and South Asia, global

Description | Research and advocacy specialist with a keen interest in development, women’s rights and mainstreaming human rights-based and intersectional approaches in all policymaking initiatives, particularly to address the needs of vulnerable communities. Mildly obsessed with vanilla tea, lifting heavy things, and long walks. 

Kriti Sharma
Associate consultant

#EconomicSocialandCulturalRights #GenderEquality #InternationalHumanitarianLaw #IndigenousPeoplesRights 

Professional Experience | 2 years in public policy, human rights law and civil law as a researcher and practitioner

Specialisation | International Affairs, Public International Law, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Law of Armed Conflict

Geographic Concentration | India and South-East Asia

Description | Candidate at Dual Masters of International Affairs and Law from Sciences Po and Georgetown University Law Centre (2020-2022). Experienced in legal research and writing relating to international human rights law, specially economic, social and cultural rights, international humanitarian law and international criminal law. Experienced in working with international think tanks like Human Development Research Initiative, Paris. Winner of Hardy C. Dillard Award for Jessup Competition 2019.  Former Bharatnatyam dancer, loves reading Pulitzer Prize winners for Fiction, dogs and Frida Kahlo. 

Scheree Herrera
Senior consultant

#Gender&Gender-basedViolence #ChildProtection

Professional Experience | 16 years in research, policy advocacy, development and humanitarian works; and 4 years in social entrepreneurship

Specialisation | promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment; elimination of gender-based violence and child protection in emergencies; adolescent & youth development

Geographic Concentration | Philippines

Description | Scheree has been engaged in research works and project proposal making; legislation and policy advocacy; building of knowledge products and training modules; and designing, implementing and managing of innovative development and humanitarian programming for vulnerable and marginalised sectors. Also went into social entrepreneurship in empowering indigenous young people in emergencies; and in building a pool of trained youth volunteers for humanitarian work.

Nesrine Ben Brahim
Associate consultant


Professional Experience | 4 years in research on migration policy, development, security and displacement, including field experience in refugee protection

Specialisation | migration policy, security, local governance and development, transnational organised crime

Geographic Concentration | Middle East and North Africa

Description | Experienced in working with international organisations, academic institutions and non-profit organisations, with a focus on issues pertaining to the MENA region. Experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research. Fluent in Arabic, French and Italian. Holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Blavatnik School of Government. Outdoor enthusiast and avid non-fiction reader.

Michael Gebeyehu 

#HumanRights #MigrantRights 

Professional Experience | 7 years in developmental research and project Management

Specialisation | Social and Developmental research, Migration & Security, youth developments, and Social inclusion

Geographic Concentration | East Africa, Ethiopia

Description | Developmental Researcher and Project Manager based in Ethiopia. Experienced with research methodology design and implementation through both qualitative and quantitative methods. Experienced in independent research, capacity development, coordination, training design, implementation, M&E, proposal writing, analysis, and transcription. Proven ability to work in fast phased projects and holds substantial experience with international groups. Highly passionate about Human rights & Dev

Betelhem Hailmariyam Bekele
Associate consultant

#ChildLabour #Poverty

Professional Experience | 2 years in education, gender and development, and public policy analysis

Specialisation | Economics, global development policy, sustainability, and poverty reduction

Geographic Concentration | sub-Saharan Africa

Description | Hardworking, enthusiastic, and committed young professional. Graduated in interdisciplinary studies in economics, global development policy, and sustainability. Has practical experience in education and women empowerment projects in Ethiopia. Quantitative researcher in poverty reduction and foreign aid in Sub-Sharan Africa. Highly passionate about women and children’s rights in the global south

Elizabeth K. Brandeberry

#Migrants #Refugees #Gender # Justice

Professional Experience | 6 years in evidence-based research, 5 years in reformative justice, and 5 years working with refugees, migrants, and low-income Americans

Specialisation | Refugee and Migrant Issues, Gender-Based Violence, Labor Exploitation, and Social Justice

Geographic Concentration | North America (Canada, the United States, and Mexico)

Description | Graduate degrees from the University of Oxford (Evidence-Based Social Intervention) and the American University (International Development). Committed to unbiased evaluation and research, ending modern slavery, stopping labor exploitation, and improving the lives of refugees and migrants. Skilled quantitative, qualitative, and desk researcher, experienced project manager, and able to conduct research in both English and Spanish

Elijah Ambasa
Senior Consultant

#HumanRights #Inclusion

Professional Experience | 13 years’ experience on Human Rights, Access to Justice, Accountability and Inclusion. Also an expert in legislative procedure & practice, ethics, and policy and legislative drafting

Specialisation | Governance and policy on Human Rights, Access to Justice, Anti-Corruption and Inclusion work in Africa with specific focus to Sub-Saharan Africa

Geographic Concentration | Sub-Saharan Africa

Description | Experienced in policy and legal research, policy and legal drafting, Legislative Procedure & practice, access to justice, human rights and anti-corruption work. Experienced in working with multiple international NGOs, local civil society organisations, private sector work and regional economic blocs in development of governance. Currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Nairobi

Chiara Marinelli

#HumanRights #Gender-BaseViolence #OrganisedCrime

Professional Experience | 6 years as a researcher, consultant, and governmental advisor in human trafficking, human rights, and public policy design and implementation

Specialisation | State interventions against human trafficking, gender-based violence, and organised crime; public officers and law enforcement agencies training; and, evidence-based research on modern slavery

Geographic Concentration | Latin America and the Caribbean

Description | Lawyer and public policy specialist focused on the worse forms of human exploitation, organised crime, and gender-based violence. Several years of experience in anti-human trafficking and security policies design, implementation, and evaluation. It includes governmental work, multi-sectorial strategies, and collaborative work with civil society, international organisations, and private partners. Fluent in Spanish and Italian. Loves cats, practices yoga, and enjoys reading

Marcel van der Watt
Senior Consultant

#HumanTrafficking #OrganisedCrime #SexualExploitation #DecentWork

Professional Experience | 18 years’ operational & research experience in human trafficking, organised crime, and policing

Specialisation | Combating sexual exploitation, anti-slavery

Geographic Concentration | Africa, United States, Canada

Description | Experienced in strategy (NGOs and Government), criminal intelligence sharing, research, training, and expert court testimony in cases of human trafficking, organised crime, and violence against women and children

Khalil Buhazaa
Senior consultant

#ForcedLabour #MigrantRights #WorkersRights #ModernSlavery

Professional Experience | More than 10 years of experience in labour law, human trafficking, Modern Slavery and International Labour Standards as a researcher, journalist and in practice

Specialisation | Modern slavery and forced labour prevention policies

Geographic Concentration | GCC States

Description | Consultant and legal researcher committed to preventing and developing policies against Modern Slavery and Forced Labour. Ten years of work experience in the Executive Bureau of the Council of Ministers of Labour in GCC State where I wrote, edited and supervised many papers, articles and reports on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking. Coordinator and member of the GCC states group in the travaux preparatoires of the ILO Protocol on Forced Labour. Member of the ILO Migration Advisory Group (MAG)

Sidita Trimi
Associate consultant


Professional Experience | 2,5 years in the human rights field through a combination of academic research, writing, advocacy and planning human rights-based projects. 2 years of volunteering experience with an NGO in the education sector

Specialisation | Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice, Refugee Human Rights Protection, Children’s Rights

Geographic Concentration | Albania

Description | MA Graduate from Human Rights & Multi-level Governance (2-year program) with an interdisciplinary background in human rights, international human rights law, multi-level governance, sociology and psychology. Skilled in qualitative research in human rights (refugee human rights protection, children’s rights, women’s rights), advocacy and campaigning strategies, designing human rights-based projects, and applying human rights-based approaches to conflict situations and development. A passionate advocate for social justice and human rights for everyone. A life enthusiast who enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures.

Clara Calabuig Martínez
Associate consultant

#SocialPolicy #Gender-BasedViolence #Peacebuilding #ModernSlavery

Professional Experience | 2 years in public policy analysis, advocacy for human rights, and developing emancipatory research, including field experience

Specialisation | International Affairs, Social Policy, Girls’ Rights, and Ecofeminist Economics

Geographic Concentration | Spain and Eastern Europe

Description | Highly committed young professional, advocate for social justice and equity. Holds an MA in Governance, Development and Public Policy, with a focus on participatory policymaking. Skilled in qualitative and action research, has worked for NGOs, think tanks and the administration, designing projects to tackle socioeconomic inequalities, modern slavery, community disputes, and sustainability, from a decolonial and feminist approach. Deeply concerned about violence affecting girls and adolescents. Lover of nature and poetry.

Sa Im Meas
Senior consultant

#HumanRights #Migration
#HumanTrafficking andForced Marriage

Professional Experience | 13 years Human rights and law and 7 years in GBV, human trafficking, and migration

Specialisation | Human rights, human trafficking, forced marriage, migration and
gender-based violence

Geographic Concentration | Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and China

Description | Sa Im has research experiences related to re-integration and victims’ identification of human trafficking in Cambodia. With a dedication to contribute to human rights issues, Sa Im also has experience in human trafficking intervention, advocacy, social work, and case management with NGOs, development agencies, and governments.

Stephanie Blakeman

#LabourMigration #LabourTrafficking #Migration

Professional Experience | 5 years advocating for the rights of migrant victims of trafficking, 2 years in government capacity building

Specialisation | Project management, rights-based victim advocacy, law and policy

Geographic Concentration | South Asia and Latin America

Description | Targeted interest in migrant and labour rights, with experience in both public and private sector strategy and capacity building.  Successful implementation and management of programs aiding migrant victims of trafficking, generating awareness, and developing local and government capacity

Cyrus M. Maweu
Senior Consultant

#HumanRights #Governance       #Rule of Law #Social Justice   #Labour Law    

Professional Experience | 11 years in the Human Rights/Governance sector

Specialisation | Human Rights, Governance, Constitutional litigation in Kenya

Geographic Concentration |  Kenya

Description | | A legal practitioner with diversified experience in the human rights and social justice sector. Has worked extensively with National Human Rights Institutions, CSOs and the public in receipt and processing of human rights complaints including the provision of appropriate legal advice, investigations, research and advocacy. Greatly involved in constitutional and human rights litigation having handled strategic public interest litigation cases. An ardent supporter of and believer in the Rule of Law. Certified professional mediator with a wealth of experience in legal research, litigation and trial advocacy as well as the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Marija Markovic Vulic
Associate Consultant

#HumanRights #PolicyMaking
#War crime procedures

Professional Experience | 7 years of upholding the rule of law, promoting crime prevention and effective, fair, humane, and accountable criminal justice systems. Two years in case management and social inclusion.

Specialisation | Policy orientated research, analysis and advocacy for judicial and institutional reforms; Transitional justice; Social inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities

Geographic Concentration |  Balkans and Europe

Description | Social worker-Master of Sciences with extensive experience in consultancy related to the development of witness and victims protection guidelines and capacity assessment through consultations and meetings with the relevant authorities. Delivering excellent results in psychosocial support for vulnerable people having undergone traumatic events, project implementation, coordination, and human rights working for the United Nations and NGOs in the post-conflict Balkans.

Shahzad Hikmati

#ModernSlavery #HumanTraffiking #HumanRightsViolation

Professional Experience | 12 years in humanitarian and peacebuilding sectors

Specialisation | Research, Project Management and Team Management

Geographic Concentration | Afghanistan

Description | Master of Arts in Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding from Oxford Brookes University and UNITAR. Professional experience on International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law on UN Humanitarian and Peacebuilding Projects. In addition, research conducting; ending poverty; quality education; gender equality; decent work; peace, justice and strong institutions and M&E. Committed to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking in supply chains, (Free World of Modern Slavery).

Farahnaz Roman
Associate consultant

#GenderEquality #SocialJustice #Sustainability #WomenEmpowerment

Professional Experience | 5 years in human rights law, gender-based violence, migration & 2 years in the development sector.

Specialisation | Gender equality, elimination of gender-based violence, social justice, women’s rights, migration, social corporate responsibility, labour, and commercial law. 

Geographic Concentration |  Afghanistan & Central Asia

Description | Over her 5-plus year career, Farahnaz has been a passionate human rights advocate. She has experience with NGOs and IGOs, focusing on the provision of professional and effective help through safe houses for survivors of domestic violence. Particularly, strengthening the capacity of professionals within this field through working with over 25 shelters in Afghanistan. Farahnaz holds a specialized LL.M. degree in International Human Rights from Central European University. She is also a Chevening scholar 2020- 2021, holding LL.M. in Corporate and Commercial law from Queen Mary University London.  

Mahmudul Islam Khan
Associate consultant

#DecentWork #ForcedMigration #InternationalLabourStandards #HumanTrafficking

Professional Experience | More than 3 years in International labour standards, labour law, climate migration, forced migration and policy reform.

Specialisation | International Labour Standards, Interventions against labour exploitation and human trafficking of vulnerable groups, climate migration and social justice.

Geographic Concentration | Bangladesh and South Asia

Description | Development professional with expertise in advocacy, program management and coordination in the area of decent work and forced migration. Experienced in providing expert knowledge to government institutions, regional tripartite bodies, INGOs, NGOs with a focus on decent work and international labour standards. Skilled in policy reform and capacity building.

Anusha Reddam
Associate consultant

#modernslavery #labourtrafficking #humanrights #genderbasedviolence

Professional Experience | 8 years in research on labour trafficking practices in India, domestic violence, and gender-based violence; including research on global findings of modern slavery.

Specialisation | Labour trafficking, bonded labour, trafficking in persons, modern slavery, gender-based violence, domestic violence, and human rights.

Geographic Concentration | India, Africa (current project)

Description | Passionate human rights professional with extensive experience working with bonded labourers subject to labour trafficking and vulnerable women. Skilled in research, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation and data analysis. Experienced in working with international and grassroots organisations. Anusha holds a Master’s in Law in International Criminal Justice and Human Rights (LLM) and is keen to bring sustainable change in the development sector. Her areas of interest and expertise are in human trafficking, modern slavery, gender-based violence and human rights. She hopes to see fair treatment for all.