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The Oasis Fund: HRC’s Trafficking Survivor Emergency Support Fund


HRC is a social enterprise committed to reinvesting 50% of our surpluses into our social missions written in the Articles of Association. We’re launching a trafficking survivor emergency support fund, “The Oasis Fund,” to support trafficking survivors worldwide.
HRC是一間社會企業,我們將50%的盈餘用在公司章程中規範的社會使命上。今年(2022年),我們設立了人口販運倖存者緊急援助基金 「綠洲基金」,用於協助全世界有需要的人口販運者倖存者。

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For larger donations, please contact us directly for bank information: mina.c@humanity-consultancy.com如有意提供大筆捐款,請直接聯繫我們。

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Thank you for supporting the trafficking survivors worldwide. 謝謝您對全世界人口販運倖存者的支持。

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Why did we establish the emergency fund?

1. The emergency fund can be life-changing for many survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking survivors. The funding may enable them to return home (e.g. covering flight tickets), access medical support (e.g. check up on sexual diseases), and most importantly, serve as a safety net that prevents them to be re-exploited (e.g. forced to sell their body in exchange of money) when they are most vulnerable.

2. While the primarily responsible stakeholder for survivors’ rescue and healing journey should be the government (e.g. arranging repatriation, entering survivors into the National Referral Mechanism, arranging safe accommodations such as shelters, and providing legal support) the reality of rescue and the start of reintegration tend to be very messy. The frontline rescue teams may be surprisingly small and do not have the financial resources for survivors’ immediate needs after exiting the exploitation. The process for survivors to be recognised by the authority as a survivor may take longer and leave survivors vulnerable. The gap between the ideal scenario and reality is wide and problematic.

3. While many anti-modern slavery organisations are willing and have the financial resources to provide support to the survivors, the process to mobilise the fund can be slow, and bureaucratic (needing to fill out forms and approved by layers of management), or the grants will only provide to survivors located in certain regions (oftentimes Western countries.) In the last few months, we have been approaching larger organisations to provide funding to support survivors’ immediate needs. Still, so far we haven’t found any international organisations providing emergency funds to survivors of modern slavery in the areas that we encountered. HRC has been providing emergency funds to survivors using our company surplus, and we were able to be agile and effective in protecting survivors through these funds. However, we have come to realise that the demand is much greater than what we can independently contribute

4. In the past few months, HRC has been providing emergency grants to survivors using our company surplus, and we were able to be agile and effective. However, we have come to realise that the demand is much greater than what we can independently cover. At the same time, we see friends eager to contribute to supporting survivors but struggling to find ways to donate to survivors or shelters that wish to stay anonymous. We have therefore decided to establish the Oasis Fund, to officialise HRC’s financial grant to survivors, and to provide the channel to gather donations from the society to the survivors. 

How does it work? 這筆基金如何運作?

100% of your donation goes to the survivors.

The fund will be used to cover items including but not limited to:

  • transportation fee to return home, including flight tickets and journeys to the airport 返國交通費,包含機票費及從住所到機場的交通
  • medical care 醫療照顧
  • refuge accommodation 庇護所
  • quarantine hotel 返國隔離旅館費

Funding criteria 資助標準

1. Survivors who had escaped the danger but were unable to access official support or support from larger NGOs.

For example, Mandy, a Taiwanese modern slavery survivor, paid her own flight ticket home. But immediately faced difficulties to pay for her medical check-up, quarantine hotel, and rent.

Another example, James is a Chinese modern slavery survivor who escaped the enslaved situation by jumping off the window from the fourth floor. He has, unfortunately, broken his thoracic vertebra, but saved his life. James has had one surgery in Cambodia but urgently needs to return to China for further treatments. But currently, the flight ticket from Cambodia to China cost around USD 4000 due to COVID-19 and the border control policy. This is a number that he and his family could not afford.
另外一位中國的倖存者James,自己從四樓跳樓試圖離開奴役處境,不幸摔斷胸椎,但保住一命。James 已經在柬接受過一次手術,但急需返回中國再接受治療,但因為疫情與鎖邊境政策,從柬到中國的機票高達四千美金,是他和家人無力負擔的金額。

The Oasis Fund is used to provide grants to survivors like this. 綠洲基金提供經費,支持像遇到這種狀況的倖存者。

2. Survivors who have been kicked out from the official process arbitrarily.

For example, Linda, a Chinese survivor and her newborn baby were kicked out of the Cambodia Immigration Agency in July 2022. They were left without help and faced the threat of staying on the streets before they could manage to return to China.

The Oasis Fund is used to provide grants to survivors like this. 綠洲基金提供經費,支持像遇到這種狀況的倖存者。

We will regularly publish and update how we utilise this fund.

We continue to advocate for the governments for better policies and implementations to protect and support survivors. The Oasis Fund should only serve as an interim solution before governments fulfil these responsibilities.

If you are a survivor who has just left the exploitation, or you are assisting survivors exiting the danger, and wish to receive grants from this fund, please contact us. 如果你就是剛離開險境的倖存者,或你正在協助倖存者脫離險境,並希望可以使用這筆基金,請聯繫我們。

Total grant to survivors (as of 30th Sep 2022): 16,984.3 USD
捐款給倖存者的總額(九月三十號統計):16,984.3 美金

The grant distributed included several flight tickets for survivors to return home from Cambodia to Taiwan, Cambodia to Bangladesh; sheltering fees for survivors in Cambodia and Thailand; medical fees; consultancy fees for survivors to work with HRC on countering human trafficking, etc.

Total donation received (as of 30th Sep 2022): 1,200 USD

We thank each donor for their love and generosity for the survivors.