Why HRC?

“Stand with us and other visionary decision-makers to end modern slavery and extreme abuse in supply chains and societies, globally.”

Deeper insights, better solutions

Our modern slavery consultancy, is revolutionising the norm. Unlike other consultancies, we prioritise training and employing researchers who are local to the region we are researching. This means we can reveal locally harvested,  richly nuanced insights that get straight to the heart of issues, and subsequently, craft better solutions for you.

Working with HRC, you will be able to:

  • Understand the specific risk of modern slavery in your supply chain
  • Eliminate the risk of modern slavery in your supply chain, systemically  

Meet your CSR objectives – be part of the systems change the world needs

Modern slavery is a modern day problem. However, it exists because of deeply embedded historical social norms and global inequality. The only way to sustainably end modern slavery, and all the human rights abuses it entails, is to affect systemic change.

Employing locals means we are creating employment in regions with typical high poverty and unemployment rates for young professionals. We’re not just creating any jobs either. Our jobs provide opportunities for these young professionals to apply their local wisdom to issues in their communities about which they care deeply. We empower them to create the change their communities need to see.

Working with HRC, you will achieve your CSR objectives through:

  • Being part of the systems change providing opportunities to local professionals from all over the world, especially from developing countries
  • Supporting HRC as a social enterprise, who invest 50% of our surplus into our social mission